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T&D April 2019

"We are working towards maximizing the use of IoT solutions" - Udaya Bhaskar Rao Abburu, CEO & Managing Director, iRam Technologies

Construction Opportunity March 2019

iRAM Technologies bags 3 multi-million-dollar projects First-of-its-kind hi-tech parking solutions to address traffic congestion, revenue pilferages and need of cashless parking payments in these cities in association with leading system integrators in Smart City...

Electronics For You – Smart Parking

Smart parking solutions can help parking lot owners increase business revenues in many ways. Commuters can also avoid the tiring tales of finding a parking spot. Paromik Chakraborty of Electronics For You speaks with Udaya Bhaskar Rao Abburu, chief executive officer...

IoT is quickly becoming mainstream

Vishal Mehra, Vice President & Director, iRam Technologies, in this interview with Juili Eklahare, talks about how it is time for us to leverage IoT, AI and other technological tools to build new smart cities. Tell us a little bit about iRam Technologies. What was...

Enterprise IT World

India's Smart Cities: How far have we progressed? With revenues expected to an aggregate of $47.70 billion by 2023, the Indian Smart City projects have brought forth a new wave of opportunity as government, private companies and technology come together to innovate...

ACE Update – The Great Indian SmartCity Challenge

Organised parking provides revenue-earning opportunity. Indian economy has made great strides in the last two decades leading to rapid urbanisation and growing affluence of its citizens. Consequently, the number of cars in cities has risen manifold. With increasing...

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